Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Dum de dum... & 'Mollie Makes' magazine find

...still waiting for my domain transfer. Seems to be taking forever moving my www.handmadeheaven.biz address to the new host. Patience, patience, patience. No new makes either as the studio's been upside-down with guests staying etc. My craft bone is getting twitchy though and I've been looking for new inspiration. I came across a fab little new crafty magazine (some 2 issues too late it seems!)...

* Internet find of the day *

If you haven't seen it yet, 'Mollie Makes' is a great new, interesting, fun, CONTEMPORARY craft magazine. Nothing twee or naff about it. Right up my alley. It's just the magazine I've been looking for for a good few years. Thank God! Bought my 1st edition (#3) today and already subscribed. Since I went off 'Delicious' magazine (post new editor) I've had a magazine-shaped void in my life but now that'll be the job of 'Mollie Makes' to fill. Happy reading/browsing times ahead :)

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