Saturday, 25 September 2010

FOR SALE 'Autumn Sunrise' handmade fused glass latticeware bowl

Autumn is officially here and along with it comes an autumnally-inspired handmade latticeware bowl, fresh from the kiln - 'Autumn Sunrise' (click to go to the shop). Soft shades of purple, warm amber, chocolate and cream come together to form this pretty bowl.

Our latticeware bowls look stunning anywhere and change throughout the day, in different lighting conditions, casting wonderful coloured shadows. Ideal on a table or sideboard filled with fruit, or left empty as a statement piece.

I'm taking a few days holiday from the day job so some relaxing is in order. I will be away from the studio for a few days but plan to get some new glassy goodies underway when I return :)

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  1. wow love these pieces

    please have a nosy around my blog

    hope u like it



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