Sunday, 12 September 2010

What have you been up to?

'Ello :) Another little blog gap. Been making & prepping things behind the scenes. Yesterday I was sending photos and info over to makers-online who asked me to join their handmade website. It was lovely to be asked and it will be good to have my glassy goodies somewhere new. So far they have some of my JAXX rings, PATCHWORK coaster duos, LATTICEWARE bowls and HARLEQUIN coasters. I will be sending them some more wall art - planning on making more of that today - as well as more rings, square bowls and handmade cards. They're just re-launching the website and I support what they're doing. With the line "we want to include the best makers around" how could I refuse? ;)

So, what else? I made a pair of bespoke coasters for a lady who bought a pair of my Teal & Chocolate Block coasters a while ago. It is always lovely to get repeat business and heartwarming to be thought of again. She wanted the 'Ice Age' design but in browns, cream & white. Here's what I came up with:

I have also had an enquiry from a re-seller in Hungary. I'm currently organising my work into a new catalogue with retail & wholesale prices. The graphic designer in me is faffing and wants it perfect. The businesswoman in me just wants it done and ready to send and the artist just wants to make new glass! I really need to get it finished, at least the relevant pages for now. I am liking how it looks so far...

I also got an email today saying that my JAXX rings on have been featured in a treasury. That was nice - the first one since rejoining the website. I used to be featured quite frequently which was flattering and always an honour to be picked.

Right then, back to it! Hope you're having a nice weekend :)


  1. You've been so busy, Steph!

    Congrats on the new outlet! And those coasters look lovely.

    Like the new photo of you too!

    Happy glassing!

    Laura x

  2. thanks laura. i'm always busy behind the scenes. part of the reason the blogging has slowed! the other photo of me was about a year old so time for a change.

  3. You have been busy. Good luck with the catalog! It is looking great! The coasters are beautiful.

  4. thanks for the support miss val :) encouraging words help me to keep going! nearly done the relevant bits of the brochure i needed to do as a priority. the coasters look very edible don't they. i love the neutral browns.


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