Tuesday, 22 July 2008

All fixed & some nice time off

Yay! My car's all better now *touch wood*. I have had a new cat fitted so hopefully things will run smoothly with the mo' for a while. I know they're very expensive things to own but I'd never be without my car :)

So, that was friday and only took a couple of hours. However, I was down in Kent so I thought I'd stay the weekend and make the most of it, visiting my big bro and his girlfriend. It was nice to go on long walks in the sunshine, visit the beach and walk on the prom, go to a zoo-type place - 'Wildwood', ride on a miniature railway and have a bbq - all very relaxing :)

What was just as nice was to come home to a website sale: 'Silver Lining' lattice quad's on it's way to a new home in Bristol, as well as an order for a lattice bowl in 'hot colours'. So, as ever, no rest for me again!

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