Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Revamped look

Those who keep up-to-date with my glassy goodies blog on a regular basis will know I tried to change the look a few days ago. I wasn't happy with the results so ended up wimping out and going back to the old 'dots on white' look. However, those who know me will tell you I am a perfectionist and am never totally happy with anything! So, more blog fiddling and here is the new, brighter, punchier, more colourful look. Hope you like it! Should stay this way for a while now (better things to do with my time!) but don't hold me to that ;) I particularly like the white frames round the photos in this template and I've tried to match it more to my style.

As far as glassy work goes, I am going to be cleaning and gluing the 33 remaining pairs of cufflinks tomorrow night whilst watching the series finale of 'Heroes' (love that show!). I am also in the middle of that 6-coaster commission which will incorporate the Star of David (1st test with copper was a failure! Going for Plan B now). I have 2 other commission enquiries which I am discussing at the moment, so it's all go!

Tonight is 'favourite film night' round at a friend's place. We're watching 'Planet Terror' which I've not seen before so I think I may take a cushion to hide behind...!

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