Thursday, 3 July 2008

Not much news but a photo

I was trying to think of something to post about today but as I am going to be watching the series finale of 'Heroes' and gluing corporate cufflinks all night I don't have much to talk about! I did just update my facebook profile (yes, I think most folk have one of those nowadays!) with a new photo so here is a very up-to-date me so you can see who writes all this waffle!!

You lucky, lucky things ;)
Ta da!


  1. damn it! I missed the finale of heroes, i managed to watch the first half online the other week, butit crashed my computer doing so!

    Hope it was a good one! :o(


  2. oo, yes, it was good! you'll have to catch up on iplayer. i didn't stay up til gone midnight to watched the 'heroes unmasked' program though! will have to catch that on iplayer myself. pity it was such a short series (11 episodes) but i understand it was due to the writer's strike. next series is on in the autumn so not too long to wait. :)


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