Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Cards and commission

WOOHOO! My new business cards arrived today and they don't half look the biz! I'm really pleased with them. You might remember me posting about the design (here)?? Anyhoo, I wanted to brighten up the card and make it memorable (used to be mainly white), as well as being something people will want to pick up and keep. Hopefully it will deliver. If nothing else, they make a funky photo!

I also think I've had a breakthrough on a tough commission. It's always the things I think will be easy to do that turn into the real tough challenges. This is plan 'c' and I hope we have a winner. I love this new design whatever the outcome, as well as the name that popped into my head for them...

'Mix and Matchsticks' :)

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  1. The biz cards look fab and so do the coasters. Great name too!


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