Wednesday, 16 July 2008

New glass! Yes, you read that right!!

Seems like forever since I've posted about new glassware what with all the commissions etc I've been working on and gallivanting I've been doing! I recently got some new colours in: a royal purple, dusty lavender, deep red, charcoal grey and pea green. As a test to see what colours they fire (never the same as the pre-fired glass ...maybe I should post about that one day...), I made two new sets of latticeware coaster pairs. I LOVE the 'Emerald City' pair and the royal purple is fabulous! Both sets are now on my website.

'Emerald City Lattice''Royal Flush Lattice'
I've also finished the other coasters to complete the set of 6 'Mix and Matchsticks'. This is a fun and funky design and the random coloured stripes look great against the plain white glass.

'Mix and Matchsticks' on white'Mix and Matchsticks' on navy
If you like this design, or any of my other glassy goodies I make for commissions and not listed to buy on my website, do commission me to make something special for you :) Contact me.

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  1. Love the new colours, that green is such a great colour! The matchstick coasters are very funky almost 80's style but looks modern because of the white backdrop. Love them! But then, I've always liked your stuff. :)


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