Thursday, 24 July 2008

Emergency cufflinks

I aim to please with my commissions. In my terms and conditions I say that they could take up to 28 days to complete once a design is agreed, however it rarely takes that long. I always try my best to get commissions done asap as it's all about pleasing the customer, right?! I'm also one of those 'pleaser' people by nature and love it when I can help someone out. Last week I had only a couple of days free but got an order for 2 pairs of cufflinks which was an "emergency"! Initially I said I couldn't fit them in in the timescale (I had other things to finish too before I went south to get my car sorted), but I ended up mid-email response talking myself into it! I made 'Last night at the Proms' and another set of 'Britannia' cufflink pairs. I hope the wedding they were made for went well and they finished off the two outfits just right :)

'Last night at the Proms'

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