Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Brand new glass for Handmade Heaven

My UK glass supplier stocks a range of hand-rolled glass from Oregon in the US. The makers of the glass are always developing new colours and I like to try to keep up with them and try out this ever-growing range. Art glass is not cheap to buy so I only get the colours that appeal to me or I know I could make something great with. Normally this means buying in two or three new colours with each re-stock order I put in. The UK supplier has just started to stock the more 'fancy' glass which incorporates an inherent decorative quality. My latest order includes these three decorative glasses for which I already have lots of ideas. I LOVE the chocolate-coffee swirl glass in particular.

Black and white streaks on clear
Chocolate-coffee swirls
Carnival-colours on clear
One day I hope to provide a page on my website with a simple colour chart to help commissionees choose colours, etc. If I ever get a spare moment I'll let you know when I've done it!

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