Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The glassy colour chart is born!

As I had a lattice bowl cooking in the kiln tonight (the 'Tropicana' one) I thought I'd get started on the colour chart to help with commissions. I initially thought about photographing actual nuggets of glass but lining everything up and editing photos would take me forever. Instead I've gone for a nice, neat digital version showing, as accurately as possible, the colours of glass I have in stock/can get & have used before. There are other colours available I've not tried so if you're thinking of a commission, do ask if you don't see the colour you want.

Here is sheet 1. Sheet 2 will follow when I have another free moment. I'll maybe even need a sheet 3!

Handmade Heaven
: colour chart: white through green
*O = opaque, *T = transparent, *D = decorative

I will add this to my website asap.

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