Saturday, 26 July 2008

Bowls, bowls, bowls!

Well, it seems my handmade latticeware bowls are popular at the moment - I have just had my third commission for a 'design your own' come in today when I had just finished cutting the glass for 2 others.

The first is for a mother and daughter's very stylish living room. They are after deep red, deep pink, grey, purple, white and clear (with 8x matching lattice coasters). You can just about see the white sideboard (above the purple chair on the left) where the bowl will go.

The next in the queue is for a bowl in 'hot' colours. I've chosen reds, oranges, yellows, amber and pinks for this one and it looks amazing already!! I just know when this one is fired it's going to be something pretty special.

The order I just received was also for 'hot' colours but with purple too. I was told that it is for a gift and the recipient's favourite colours are orange and purple so that's what I've cut. I think this will also look lovely. I am using oranges, my new 'gold purple', a rich violet, amber and 'dusty lilac'. The lady who commissioned this also bought 'Bellini Blockster' so I think she must be pleased with that. I get quite a few repeat customers so I must be doing something right! My glass is very addictive (ask Tash!) and the fact I hand make each piece to my own design or to your specifications makes it totally unique.

Watch this space this for work in progress photos for all three bowl commissions. I'd take them right now but my little bro has borrowed the battery from my camera as a spare for the new one we bought him for his graduation! He and my dad are at the Silverstone Classic all weekend and are using my place as a b&b!! I'll be going tomorrow and I really can't wait :) Andy took so many photos and videos yesterday that he almost used all the battery hence the need for a spare one, just in case. That's a lot of photos!!

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