Monday, 14 July 2008

I'm back!

It was lovely to have time off and see my family but, as per usual, nothing is ever plan sailing! I now have a crack in my car's exhaust - the expensive bit attached to the cat which is 3 days out of guarantee!!! - so that either needs welding or replacing. ££££££! I also have a cold which kicked in a day after I arrived home, so I've been ill for the best part of the holiday. Hey ho, this is usual 'Jones luck'!

I had a fab time at home despite these little set-backs though. On my mum's birthday (a big one - 60th but shh, we're not meant to mention that!), we went to Blackpool Zoo. The weather was meant to be rubbish so we were wrapped up in lots of layers and wearing waterproofs, armed with brollies and what did it do? That's right, the sun shone and it was sweltering!

Can I interest anyone in a triceratops?Red panda taken at Blackpool Zoo with
Andy's new camera (graduation present!)
I also went down the bumpkin route and visited the Great Eccleston Show. They had the usual agricultural stuff in marquees and the main arena, but Great Eccleston Show also has tractor pulling! To those of you who aren't familiar with tractor pulling then imagine drag racing but with tractors!! Very noisy and if I'm honest, rather silly, but great fun, especially when the commentator is hilarious (unintentionally, poor lad! Imagine Peter Kay on helium and too many sweeties!!).

Me and my tractor of choice - big enough for you?! (I'm 5'6)Tractor pulling (alas, not the most ridiculous of examples!)

On the glassy side, I've sold a couple of things whilst I was away. Two mini hangers ('Sunshine' and 'Peach Melba') are off to a new home in Bristol...
...and 'Regimented Rainbow' birch-framed art is off to Middlesex. I'll be sorry to see the artwork go as it's been with me a while and I tend to get attached to things (I'm a bit of a softie at heart!).

'Regimented Rainbow'

So there you go, you're all up-to-date!

Handmade Heaven is open for business again now.

I've got more 'Mix and Matchsticks' to make to complete a commission and some new colours to try out. Watch this space!

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