Sunday, 17 August 2008

'Blackjax' birch-framed handmade fused glass art - WIP

So I've not posted much glass lately have I? Well, it's not that I've not been working on some (I always am!) so here is something to keep you going until I post a photo of all the rings I am going to make today! This is 'Blackjax', an idea that came to me, as they usually do, as I drove the commute to work (the day job). I love bright colours and rainbows too so I thought this would work as a design. I hope so! I'm using coloured opaques with just black and clear glass to make this piece something special. Clear gets neglected sometimes as just a base or cover layer but it really does wonderful things to coloured opaques if used during a full fuse. I'll post a photo or two of this when it's all done and dusted but I thought you might like to see the WIP...

The bright red object at the front is my trusty glass cutting tool. :)

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  1. I bet that's going to look fabulous when its done!


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