Monday, 18 August 2008

'SunSpot' new wall/window hanger commission

I have a few repeat customers and I love to keep them happy :) A lady who has quite a few of my glassy goodies commissioned a larger hanger to go with her mini hangers in sunshine yellows. I kinda had free reign on the design, as long as it was made of yellows and creams. We mentioned blocks and stacks so I decided to do a fusion of the two. I am really pleased with the result. I wanted to get a bit more interest into this hanger and designed it so the glass would get sucked in at the sides, creating this wobbly edge. I will be adding this hanger to my shop as an example for people to choose their own colour should they want to commission one.

'SunSpot' handmade fused glass wall/window hanger (Glass = 16 x 3.5cm)

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  1. Such a 'happy' piece! t's lovely. I really like the blackjax framed work - tht's so funky. Can't wait to see hoe the rings turn out - you have been busy.


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