Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hellboy 2 & 'Red Devil' handmade fused glass coasters

Oo! Hellboy 2 was great :D Funny, fantastic (in both senses of the word!) and full of action. I expect I might see it again. I just remembered about these coasters I made aaages ago (sold) which I think fit perfectly with the Hellboy look - they're even called 'Red Devil'!


  1. Ha ha, these are very Hellboyish - I don't think I've seen these before, very nice!

  2. They've been lurking in the depths of my computer :) I made them on a whim and sold them via a gallery in Cirencester, along with a couple of other things. These ones are my 'Split' design with a strip of copper in the glass.


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