Saturday, 30 August 2008

Swirly swirly

I've been trawling the Handmade Heaven archive of photos as I want to put together a bit of promotional stuff to pop through local doors. Things are ticking over nicely but it's always nice to reach a new audience. I've been uploading some photos to my flickr and found some great bits and pieces of glassy goodies past which I'm keen to make again. One of my fave ranges is my Swirls. I love the bubbles, the way the decoration 'floats' over the coloured base ...and the fact they are always popular at fairs! I think I'll make some more like those made in the past (see photos below) and try out some other colours. Maybe they could be sold in a mix-and-match stylee? Hmm...

Rasberry Jam Swirl Bubblegum Swirl Aqua Snowstorm Vortex
I have also applied the same swirly principals to some pendants:

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