Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Finally! - Photos of 'Blox' rings ready

Editing photos to make my glassy goodies look their best takes a good deal of time. I've only just edited the 'Blox' handmade fused glass rings photos and uploaded them to my website so now you can see this range of rings. Only a couple at the moment but I'll be making more in the next ring batch as they're selling well (6 in the last couple of days!) and I need a healthy stock for the Frampton Show on the 14th September.

'Jaffa Purple Punch Blox'
'Lilac Violet Blox''Strawberry Toffee Choc Blox'


  1. Oooh - these are great, Steph. Love the Strawberry Toffee Choc one!

  2. I agree - they're really nice. I like the jaffa purple punch one best. Nice stuff Steph!


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