Saturday, 2 August 2008

'A Touch of Luxury' WIP (part 2)

More photos of the next stage in the 'A Touch of Luxury' bowl & 8-coaster latticeware commission. The bowl is still flat at this stage and the coasters need some feet, but I am SO pleased with this. I think it's going to fit into the room perfectly. I hope my commissionee agrees!

As you can see from the photos in the post below, the blue-looking glass fires to a lovely royal purple. This is known as 'striking' in the glassy world :)
the bowl, pre bowl shapeseven of the eight coasters (final one to follow in the next firing)


  1. These have fired so well! I really like the colours! The are very classy indeed.

  2. Is it wrong to say they look lick-able? ;-) Those purple and reds are just scrummy - one of my favourite colour combos! :-)

    HP x


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