Thursday, 7 August 2008

NEW! More rings - 'Bubblz' and more 'Stax'

I'm on a roll with rings! I love, love, love the new 'Bubblz' design. So fun and different. These are now for sale on my website here. Hope you like them. As one of my colleagues at work would say, they're so "jolly". I've also added to the 'Stax' range of handmade rings.

'Bubblz' handmade fused glass rings

'Stax' handmade fused glass rings

Editied to say: Tash has been doing some marketing with my latest rings and has been passing on feedback from her friends. It's always nice to hear :)

  • "WOWsa I love them and I really love the photography! Do you know who took the product photography?* I’ve added her website to my birthday present favourites list."
  • "I love them too. I like the ones with bubbles on. Have fwded the link to my friends at work. x"

*For those of you who don't know, I do all my own photography, website & glassware. ALWAYS busy, me!


  1. Wowee! The Trios rings are awesome, Steph!

  2. Am so pleased with how they turned out :) Tash called them 'bobbly' which I like so I think I'll rename them 'Bobblz' to fit with the other ranges. I couldn't think of a good name this morning and 'trioz' looked wrong!

  3. I think 'Bubblz' suits them perfectly!


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