Thursday, 7 August 2008

KirstyFish (aka BigFish, PaperFish, SnowFish on

I like to share my fab finds on the web. One of those is 'KirstyFish', a UK crafter who is a GENIUS with felt and fabric. I already own one of her gingerbread boys and have just bought the set pictured below - couldn't help myself! I also bought another gingerbread boy for my friend Emma a while back now so Kirsty probably thinks I'm gingerbread-nuts! (She could be right!) This is the feedback she left for me on after the 2nd sale (made me chuckle!)...

This is the second boy i have sold to this lady. I'm calling in social services because i think she might have EATEN the first boy.... x

I do love lil' gingerbread-related things and I am planning on putting some on my Xmas tree come December :) I already have a fab metal cut-away gingerbread man who always gets pride of place. Should show you him sometime... Anyway, here is the set I just bought:

Photo by KirstyFish

I have added Kirsty's blog to my 'fave/friends' bloglist in the right-hand column. >>>>>

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  1. Hello!
    tis Ms KFish! What a lovely Blog Post x you are sweet!
    (i think you are putting those poor boys to work in your glass factory...)


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