Monday, 18 August 2008

Screen grabbing tool

For some reason my 'print screen' button on my keyboard has decided to stop working. As this is an invaluable key to me I was a little peeved, but I googled 'screen grab' and the program "Screen Grab Pro v1.5" came up. I've downloaded this freeware and it seems to do the job really well. Actually, it will shorten the time I take to do screen grabs as you can select an area with a drag box, rather than having to take the keyboard grab into photoshop for cropping. Genius! Download it here if you need a grabber! :) It does whole pages too apparently but I'm yet to try that out.


  1. Cool, if you use Vista there's a tool called Snipper in accessories that does the same thing. j

  2. I use firefox but "Screengrab!" didn't work :( So I found this one instead :)


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