Tuesday, 5 August 2008

NEW! Fun, funky, chunky rings

So, they're here. The beginnings of 3 new ranges of handmade fused glass rings. 'Stax' I posted about a few days ago are stacked layers of ever-decreasing squares. These are very fun, funky, chunky statement pieces. 'Blox' are also chunky, fun rings but thick stripes instead of stacks. 'Dotz' are cute, delicate rings for those of you who like something subtle and sweet. All are now available in a new 'fused glass rings' section on my website.

I have taken photos of all the rings but need to spend a little time editing the photos. These are what I've done so far.

'Stax' handmade fused glass rings
'Dotz' handmade fused glass rings

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